Calf Barns

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Complete barn layout & design

We offer a complete calf barn layout and design to optimize air quality and calf growth

By using all the products mentioned below we can ensure a calf barn that smells like nothing but the straw bedding, no more ammonia smell, and no more sick calves.

Fresh Air Tubes

Providing young livestock with fresh air is very important for raising healthy animals. Many future health complications can be averted through raising young livestock in healthy conditions.

  • Unique designed tube for every barn
  • Fresh air tube distributes fresh air to every part of the barn evenly
  • Variable speed fan allows the farmer to decide how much outside air comes in through the tube
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    Ceiling inlets

  • Work in conjunction with a fresh air tube
  • Inlets open to allow air from the attic to come into the barn to raise or lower the temperature inside the barn
  • Exhaust Fan

  • Exhaust fans pull old, unhealthy air out of the barn
  • Sufficient air changes per hour keep air quality fresh
  • Exhausting old air allows more fresh air into the barn which is better for the animals
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